Alvarado Colorguard & Winter Guard

Color Guard is a auxillary group associated with the music/band program.  Members spin flags, rifles and dance.  The year is broken up into two different seasons, Fall and Winter.  The fall season consists of members learning how to use flags, and rifles. The Color Guard aslo learns cadence to march with the band. They also  join band in attending parade competitions .
 Winter Guard season begins in the second half of the school year. The color guard members add dance and rifle work along with their flag routines to music and perform a fantastic “floor show”.  Winter Guard season is filled with competitive events against other color guards in the area.
Color guard members feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when working together as a team to perfect their routines that demonstrate their pagentry abililities as well as school spirit. They help each other daily and develop leadership qualities.
Students involved in color guard have fun all year round.  There are numerous opportunities to travel to neighboring cities, meet members of other color guard units, develop new friendships and spend time with current friends.
All events are open to the public. Parents are welcome to come and support their color guard member.  Volunteer opportunities are plentiful and parents are encouraged to help.  You may find that you enjoy the parades, competitions and trips more than your color guard son or daughter!