Matador Booster Assocation (MBA) is parent operated non-profit organization which supports the Alvarado Music Program (AMP) at Alvardo Intermediate school. MBA's Mission is to broaden the involvement of students and families through support for all of the programs offered through Alvarado Music Program and program events. 


MBA works to achieve this through the active participation of parents and supporters who volunteer in the Booster Club and who help at AMP events.  Moreover, MBA works closely with the Music Director and Principal of Alvarado Intermediate in order to augment and elevate the progress of AMP through fundraising for student and program needs. 


MBA strives to foster and promote goodwill and a fraternal spirit that supports, promotes, as well as maintains high standards of integrity in all AMP activties including music intstruction. This encourages students,  parents, family and AMP friends to help further grow the program by promotion, donation and volunteerism.


MBA Thanks you for your interest and hopes that you will partner with us to AMP IT UP!!! in the future....